Thursday, July 22, 2010

My Fave Bohemian Queens

I am going to try to feature people past and present (but mostly past) whose style really inspires me, or whose work puts me into a cold sweat (in a good way).

First up is 70s disco artist Sylvester. Who is (or was, as the case is) Sylvester? He was the flamboyant and gender-bending queen of disco.
A really great album cover, totally retro-awesome.

Total and utter 70s bohemian cool. Only a true diva can rock that amount of jewellery and still make it look casual.

I must admit, I didn't know who Sylvester was until I bought a compilation of Disco hits a few years ago during my disco phase (Yes, i am daggy enough to really like disco and daggy enough to have a disco phase, but that's another story entirely). His song You Make Me Feel (Mighty Real) is in my opinion, one of the best disco songs ever.

A man after my own heart. Reclining in bohemian splendor.

He probably appeals to me because of my unhealthy obsession with sequins.

Only recently I saw the video to the song You Make Me Feel (Mighty Real) on Rage. It's very camp and giggle-worthy but I just love it!
It's well worth the watch, especially for the dancers, his awkward pointing at the camera and the fantastic nightclub it was shot in.

He died of complications from AIDS in 1988 but his awesome music will live on!

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